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Deloitte US


Creative Director: Inal Olmez

Art Direction: Madeleine Tan, Jeanie Havens

Copy: Nina Lukina, Julie WInch

Video/Motion: Aaron Stewart


Environmental, Digital, Print


The Deloitte AI Forum is an annual conference that brings together business leaders from the world's largest tech companies (such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, NVIDIA, etc). This year, Generative AI was at the forefront and Deloitte wanted to prove itself as a leader in this field. I was tasked with creating the visual identity for the event.


Once the writers nailed down the theme "The AI Generation", I came up with the visual concept of layers – free flowing, fluid organic layers that build on top of one another. 

I made a bold color palette to represent all the different aspects of AI and technology. I added graphic elements: Deloitte dots and a focal point as a reminder to remain focused and not get carried away with AI.

Production included themed immersive experiences, main plenary with an ultra wide screen, a hype video and plenty of printed materials for the 3 day event.


The event branding was so well received that the Deloitte Office of Generative AI, the AI Strategic Growth Offering, and the Global Generative AI teams have adopted the branding as their official visual identity, with use by Deloitte businesses across the globe.

I built branded templates to be used across the firm (powerpoint, email, social media campaigns, zoom backgrounds), designed new web pages and worked with various businesses to roll out the VI both digitally and at tradeshows.

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